Hi, We Are H&S International

Who we are

H&S International is its people, an outstanding array of initiative and talent. We are leaders, creatives, architects, interior designers, strategists, engineers, planners, and students. Our global team works collaboratively across all disciplines in order to best serve our clients.

What we do

For us, design is the means of communication and transcendence. Our process begins with outlining our strategies, goals, and expectations for every project. The result is design that is exceptionally authentic, and organized around the client relationship.

The people behind the magic

We are our people, an amazing array of talent and expertise.

Bing Hu Founding Principal

Wendi Shi Founding Principal

Neville Katrak Project Manager

Loren Smith Project Architect

Claudio Munoz Senior Architectural Designer

Yee Wing Yiu Project Architect

Adam Castle CAD Manager

How we work

We work across the globe. Our clients are highly diverse, and range from luxury residential to commercial; including clubhouses, hotels, and multifamily homes.


We begin with outlining the goals, strategies, and expectations for every project. Each client and project is unique, and we adapt out methods to fit the design intent.


The design process is holistic, and transformative. Every client and site is unique, and therefore our methods and designs are sensitive to the individual needs and intent of the project.


We believe in implementing a multi-platform strategy. We are active on social media platforms, and in our design community. We seek to attend and host networking events regularly.


Incorporating the most effective, and efficient technology in our office is the priority. We are constantly seeking the most up-to-date software in order to maintain our seamless design practices.

Client Experience

Our relationships with our clients is at the core of our mission. Their ultimate satisfaction with the project is insured by focusing on their needs and desires throughout the design process.


We celebrate hard work, and natural talent. Our entire team is connected by our ability to leverage our creativity, knowledge, and experience in order to deliver a seamless experience.

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