Adam Castle

CAD Manager

Adam P Castle is our CAD Manager. Born and raised in rural Upstate New York, he decided to enlist in the Army to help fund his educational expenses. After four years as a soldier and mobile telephone system operator, his enlistment ended and he earned an AAS in Architectural Technology, graduating with highest honors.

Adam relocated to Arizona with the intention of earning a higher degree at Arizona State University. Deciding to take a year off to establish residency, he landed his dream job with Architectural Team Three, a small commercial architectural firm in Tempe. Becoming integral to the office and enjoying his niche, thoughts of returning to the poor student life faded. He was quickly promoted to CAD Manager and mastered many aspects of the Architectural industry.

When the construction economy faltered and the firm closed, Adam sought employment at a local Intel microchip plant, working in contract positions for engineering and construction companies doing CAD and BIM modeling for several years. But, yearning to return to the Architectural field, he eventually interviewed and was hired by H&S in early 2014.

Outside of work he enjoys computers, shooting darts and billiards, collecting music and movies, hiking, camping, and fishing.

Adam Castle

Adam Castle CAD Manager

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