Claudio Munoz

Senior Architectural Designer

Claudio D. Muñoz Whiting is an Architect & Urban Planner and he holds a Senior Architectural Designer position at H&S International.

Claudio was raised in Chile growing up in the capital city of Santiago. He graduated with a Bachelor and Master in Architecture from the Universidad de Chile in 1998, and worked on commercial and residential projects for several years. Claudio attended Arizona State University in 2003 where he completed a Master of Urban and Environmental Planning.

Prior to H&S, Claudio worked at Peterson Architecture & Associates for six years working on contemporary and classical design, as well as urban planning. He joined H&S in 2009 and has been a senior designer in a variety of residential and commercial projects in Arizona, California, Idaho, Hawaii and China.

Claudio, alongside Bing Hu, was awarded the 2012 Gold Nugget Award to the Commercial Project of the Year for their design work on the MinSheng HaiTang Bay Beach Retreat, in HaiNan, China.

Claudio mostly enjoys spending his free time with his wife Paloma and son Nicolás. On weekends he also participates in a competitive soccer league, enjoys cooking and started working on his first vegetal garden.

Claudio Munoz

Claudio Munoz Senior Architectural Designer

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