Bing Hu

Founding Principal

Bing Hu, the Founding Principal of H&S International, is one of the most sought after architects both nationally and internationally.

Since establishing the firm in 1994, Bing has completed over three hundred projects with a construction value exceeding ten billion US dollars. Bing’s projects have been honored with more than twenty major international and regional design awards, including multiple Gold Nugget Awards, and Excellence in Masonry and Architecture Awards.

When Bing is asked of his preference for certain styles of architecture, his reply is that architects should never stylize architecture, nor become predictable in their approach to design. Every client and site is unique and therefore the design should be sensitive to the needs and desires yet remain in harmony with its natural and cultural surrounding.

Bing completed his graduate degree at Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright’s prestigious School of Architecture situated in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Bing is a registered architect in the state of Arizona and Hawaii.

Bing Hu

Bing Hu Founding Principal

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